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At Leo’s, our vision is to be the garage of choice for car owners who know their cars.

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Privacy Policy

When was the last time you read the privacy policy of any business, app or anything else for that matter? Like us, probably never. That's because after a few lines of indecipherable jargon, we tend to doze right off. And you can imagine what state we'd be in if we tried to write one of those for ourselves.

So we'll be honest with you. We didn't bother writing a Privacy Policy because our policy is simple. We're not here to sell or abuse your private information, but only to maintain your awesome car and our own records.

If you change cars, let us know and we'll free up our servers by deleting any information you don't want us to keep. We hope that this was the first privacy policy you read from start to finish. Now that's something to brag about at the next party.