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Leo's Electrical Works

Car Electrical Services in Dubai

If your car used to blink, flash, light up or swing open, and then suddenly it does not do it (or do it not in the proper way), it probably stopped due to an electrical malfunction. Don’t worry, our electricians know all the positives and negatives.

Leo's Garage - Electrical Works in Dubai
Leo's Garage - Electrical Works in Dubai

Electric problems can range from faulty lights to engine computer issues. So how do you fix them? Simple – donuts and coffee! That’s for our electricians, not for your car. For them we have computers to identify the problem and special tools to repair the electric problem. For us, it’s like playing a video game but where each car is a different puzzle. Trust us, we’re good at puzzles.

Electrical issues can be tricky because you never know whether it’s the device or the wiring that it’s connected to. Nevertheless, we’re certain whatever the issue, we can handle it.


Car light repairing

Polishing, Headlight restoration and cleaning, minor rust removal, part replacements etc., these are all light repairing items that we do on a daily basis because they make the cars look like they should.

Other services:

  • Starter motor repair
  • Starter replacement
  • Car lights adjustment
  • Headlights adjustment on the stand
  • Headlights aiming
  • Xenon setting
  • Search of rapid battery discharge causes
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Dimmer switch replacement
  • Reset indicator lights
  • Car audio installation
  • Fan replacement
  • Pump replacement
  • Door Window Motor Replacement
  • Wiper motor replacement
  • Alternator replacement