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Leo's Car Diagnostics Services in Dubai

Auto Diagnostics services in Dubai

Hospitals have doctors, we have our engineers. We’re diagnosticians, even though we don’t wear white lab coats (though that would be cool). We both use our deep experise & knowledge, as well as special equipment and software to help us identify the problem.

The difference is that our patient is your vehicle.

Leo's Garage - Car Diagnostics Services in Dubai
Leo's Garage - Car Diagnostics Services in Dubai

Quality auto diagnostics

Diagnostics is simply the ability to problem-solve but the biggest challenge to repairing any car problem is being able to accurately identify the issue. If you hear a knock, a whistle, feel a vibration or any other unnatural occurrence in the car, it could literally be anything. A car is made up of thousands of parts and if there’s an issue with one it could affect the others.

Nowadays most issues can be identified by simply plugging your car to a computer. Most vehicles have what is called an On-Board Diagnostics port, through which we’re able to connect to it’s internal systems. Of course, that doesn’t mean all problems can be identified this way, so that’s when we rely on the knowledge, expertise and most importantly - experience!

Our services:

  • Computer car diagnostics
  • Car fault code reader
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Battery Service/Test
  • Code Retrieval
  • Standard diagnostic checks
  • Change of engine settings (if necessary)
  • Performance tuning
  • Reset of service, airbag, ABS or computer lights
  • Electronic detection of all faults on the engine
  • Injector washing
  • Cleaning nozzles in ultrasound
  • Ignition system adjusting
  • Ignition Timing Adjustment
  • Sensor Replacement
  • Motor-tester diagnostics